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5 Celebrities That May Actually Be Zombies

While many of you that haven’t read my book yet might snicker and claim the zombie apocalypse is pure fantasy, there are signs that it may have already begun under our very noses. If you don’t believe me, check out these five famous examples and see for yourself.

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Ben Affleck – Most of you probably know Ben as a handsome leading man that’s set to be the new Batman, but one look at this photo tells you without the makeup and lights, he’s secretly a member of the undead.



Courtney Love – Courtney may have proven she can rock as both a screeching solo artist as well as the lead singer of the band, Hole, but this photo suggests she may be more interested in eating brains than churning out hit singles these days.



Gary Busey – Gary’s starred in well over 100 movies including big hits like Lethal Weapon and Point Break. One look at this photo suggests his agent ought to be looking for a big-time zombie role next. He’s a natural.



Donatella Versace – Sure, as the head of famous fashion house, Versace, Donatella oversees the production of beautiful clothes and accessories for the living, but based on her look these days, she might want to consider a new line for the undead as well.



Keith Richards – Anyone that knows anything about the Rolling Stones and their famous lead guitarist realizes Keith’s hard lifestyle probably should have killed him years ago. I’m fairly convinced that it did and he’s been carrying on as a zombie right beneath our noses ever since.

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