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The Startup Aiming To Disrupt The B-School Education System – BuzzFeed Unfolds The Story

B-School education system

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Tushar Sen is not a person you’d expect to be scared of anything. His company,, is taking on the massive challenge of raising the quality standards of students graduating out of B-Schools in South East Asian region by providing world’s first ever datastore for B-School academia. is Tushar’s first startup and is still in its infancy, launched just a few weeks back in July 2017. Before deciding to build his dream company Tushar worked for Banking corporations like Citibank, ING and Deutsche bank for over 14 years.

Currently, the startup is bootstrapped and is in-talks with investors to raise series A funding. is eyeing to establish South East Asian dominance and expand its client base to Europe, US and Australia in the next three years.

Tushar packed his experience, his savings and his will power and he set out on this courageous journey alone. He started the company in his apartment where he put in 100 hours of coding every week, week after week for 6 months. Even after the launch “working hours remained the same” and coding was replaced with publicity and communication.

“The one thing that drove me to build my own company was that I just couldn’t work for someone else, selling stuff I didn’t believe in. Building my own company was like child-birth, 6 months of pregnancy and then sleepless nights before delivery, the launch.”

But then Tushar ran up against the one thing that comes for us all, no matter how successful or badass we are: FEAR.

Fear. It’s what holds us back from taking that leap, marrying that person, founding that company. It’s a powerful adaptive behavior that has been essential for the survival of the human race. Fear protects us from predators, from natural disasters — and from ourselves. But, according to Tushar, “fear is external, passion is internal. My work ethics were so crazy that I had no external connections left in my life, passion pushed me forward despite the lurking fear.”

Tushar took that fear of founding his own company and did the one thing that psychologists and behavioral therapists always recommend: He took action.

He saw an opportunity in a challenge that he too faced as a B-School student and he realized students even today are facing the same challenge and nothing has been done in that space yet.

The Challenge – B-School academia, which includes students and professors waste 60-70% of their time mining for data on the web for preparing submissions, dissertations, presentations, thesis, reports and lecture notes. This data is about industry statistics, economic indicators, commodity prices, and historical prices of stocks/bonds/currency. Along with this data there’s a requirement of low cost workbooks, placement guides and previous years’ test papers.

The started it services in July 2017, and came up with solutions that take the challenge head on and resolve it once and for all. The startup offers industry (sector) reports of about 23 sectors viz. banking, automobiles, IT, pharma etc. There are other offerings too, economic data (GDP, inflation, job-data, monetary data etc) of 25 countries, market data (historical prices of gold, silver, crude, currency, stocks, bonds etc) of 50 countries and 5 years’ of previous years test papers from over 10 different B-Schools in South East Asia.

“When you are dealing with students and professors you gotta be FRIENDLY, and so, you can’t be just looking to make money, you have to provide additional services for free too,” Tushar added.

The startup has come up with the indigenous idea of an in-house podcasting channel they branded as STUDIO 3. This channel airs talk-shows with industry stalwarts like CEOs and HR heads of Fortune 500 companies, where they share their perspective on career planning, hiring and life after a business degree.

My greatest fear was a buggy website, so I put in extra hours everyday testing each of my webpage. I’m a self taught programmer so the fear of bugs always keeps lurking, obviously because I’m competing with world-class Web 2.0 sites and any mistake would kill my chances instantly.”

Tushar built the whole site himself and it is only later that he hired a couple of interns later when the site started to roll.

“I was questioned often about building the whole company alone, but the fact remains that in India rarely one wants to be a part of a company starting out of a garage or a drawing room.”

Who hasn’t been knee-deep in a new business or project and thought, “I’m a total fraud”? That feeling is called “imposter syndrome” and it’s something that so many creative, successful people — from famous actors to world-renowned doctors to startup founders— experience at some point in their lives. When I asked Tushar if he struggled with imposter syndrome as he founded Dongrila, he said, “Oh yeah. Are you kidding me?”

Tushar’s advice to all fellow startup founders:

“It’s easy to get distracted by hype and the possibility of becoming the next whatever that gets huge. I think it’s important for entrepreneurs to understand that it’s not normal to have some insane hockey-stick growth story. That’s not how it works with 99% of businesses. Patience is not a quality that’s encouraged in the land of startups, but it’s arguably one of the most important qualities to have. The ability to wait things out, to not be swayed by the anomalies and the ebbs and flows, but to stay the course, that’s something I think most entrepreneurs could benefit from learning and focusing on.”

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