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Virginia Tech's Secret Study Spots

*and by "secret", we mean not overcrowded and a possible fire hazard

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Your solution to studying on campus and avoiding the chaos of the library during finals

Library real estate is in high demand as Virginia Tech approaches the end of finals period. Don't be discouraged when you navigate a trail of empty coffee cups to Torg Bridge or the abundance of snuggies in Newman just to find out there is no space to study. Check out these 5 alternative study spots guaranteed to offer academic safe haven.

1) Graduate Life Center

Despite its name, the Graduate Life Center has space for both graduates and undergraduates to study. With a shady terrace and an ABP, the GLC has the best of both worlds. Take your laptop outside or go to the ground floor to find a table and much-needed coffee (with free refills).

2) Lavery Hall

We all know Turner Place for crepes, hibachi, Jamba Juice, and its other first class dining options. But the third floor of this eatery extravaganza has something almost as precious as food: outlets. Grab Qdoba and a seat upstairs for a study session with access to the nation’s #1 campus food.

3) Art & Architecture Library

While many of us have heard tell of Cowgill Hall, few could point it out on a campus map. When searching for sacred study space this week, venture down to the building behind Burruss to work alongside the creative minds of the the Architecture and Urban Studies students.

4) Hahn South Atrium

You don't have to be a chemistry major to be able to study in Hahn South. Connected to Robeson and Pamplin Hall, Hahn South provides an open to study spot with plenty of windows- perfect for enjoying the beautiful weather and natural light without having to give up your table near a power outlet.

5) Johnston Student Center

With the smell of Subway wafting through all three floors of the Johnson Student Center, it may seem difficult to get any work done. However, with couches to spare on the third floor, the Johnson Student Center is one of the more comfortable places to study on campus (besides your bed). Also, it’s so much easier to control yourself when the Subway doesn't accept dining dollars.

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