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How Variety Shows Shaped Entertainment

While Variety Entertainment has had an indescribable impact on the modern comedy and film industry, we want to look a little further into how Variety Entertainment helped create the modern televised talent platform that is so popular in today’s industry!

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How Did Variety Entertainment And The Variety Hour Change

While Variety Entertainment has had an indescribable impact on the modern comedy and film industry, we want to look a little further into how Variety Entertainment helped create the modern televised talent platform that is so popular in today's industry! Shows like America's Got Talent and X-Factor may be some of the highest rated programs in America (Both count as Variety!) the earliest form of this popular program came from the earliest roots of Variety Television. While The Dean Martin and Ed Sullivan Shows defined the variety hour, another not so well know program helped to bring a number of huge acts and talents to the forefront of national attention.

The Hollywood Palace Variety Hour

The Hollywood Palace was a weekly aired show that may not have been the most popular of them all, but it helped to bring some huge names to national recognition who would have not had a chance otherwise! Airing from January 1964 up until February of 1970, The Hollywood Palace featured a different guest host every time, but after a couple years it would be Bing Crosby who would host more so than any other guest host in the shows history. One of the most vaunted and successful singers of the 20th century, Bing was as much a household name as the biggest stars of the time. As well as being the cultural trailblazer that paved the way for stars such as Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, the legendary voice was also responsible for helping innovate the recording technology of the time to fit his personal needs. Through his foundation Bing would secure the patents for hundreds of new technologies and even invent the "Laugh Track" which is still used today. Besides these accomplishments Bing also invested in the company "Apex" which was responsible for developing more improved reel to reel tape recorders for commercial use in North America.

Bing Helped Popularize The Conventional Variety Hour

Besides helping define the very music industry he helped to pioneer, Bing was the host of Hollywood Palace until the shows close in early 1970. The show by the end of its run would be responsible for the first American appearance of The Rolling Stones, originally Dean Martin was the guest host and could be found on the live recording criticizing the group for its short two song set, later the version would be edited with Deans comments removed and Bing Crosby edited in..

The Variety Hour Put Many Different Stars In Front OF American Audiences

The Long run of Hollywood Palace has seen more than its fair share of famous faces besides Bing Crosby. Faces such as Frank Sinatra, Liberace, Sammy Davis, Jr., The Temptations, The Supremes Phyllis Diller, Tony Bennett and so many more. This platform served to showcase many different levels of talents from all over the country and even the world, giving anybody who could make it their 15 minutes of fame. With other well known shows like Ed Sullivan's self titled powerhouse, the Variety Hour served as the foundation of American entertainment through the 50's 60's and even 70's. The 80's would see the traditional variety hour take a dramatic turn though, instead of programs designed to show off a selected artist, now a show had emerged giving contestants the chance to compete with each other to be claimed the shows winner. The most popular form of this platform around the 80's was without a doubt "Star Search." Hosted by Ed McMahon, one half of the great comedy duo formed with Johnny Carson, Star Search created a method by which hundreds of entertainers rose to the occasion for their chance to get noticed.

The 80's Variety Hour Was Slightly Different..

Undoubtedly none of the show's producers of the early 80's had any idea the level of popularity this type of program would take on in the 21st century, but the show marched on until its final season in 1995. Soon to be followed and trumped by the legendary series "American Idol", Star Search attempted a comeback in 2004 but was unsuccessful. While entertainment is constantly evolving, it seems there are just some things that don't go well with the future, so when remembering the Variety Shows and Variety Hours of the past, try to remember how America's entertainment industry relied on (and still does to an extent) on the Variety Hour platform!

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