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11 Times You Cut Corners And Regretted It

It seemed like a good idea at the time...

1. When you tried to hit the gym after not exercising in years.

2. When you didn't bother to sort your laundry.

3. When you didn’t follow the recipe exactly.

4. When you did your makeup in a hurry.

5. When you went grocery shopping without a list.

6. When you let autocorrect take over and accidentally sexted your boss.

7. When you survived on diet bars 'cause you couldn't be bothered to cook.

8. When you seriously overloaded the dishwasher.

9. When you didn't bother going to the doctor and just got way more sick.

10. When you pre-drank to save money but ended up saving nothing...including your dignity.

11. When you didn’t take the time to look at a map.

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