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The 1st SMILE Eye Surgery Successfully Performed In The US

Laser vision correction has been advancing very slowly in the U.S. since the 1990s. This has resulted to patients suffering from various vision related conditions including myopia to rely on invasive treatment options.

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Vision Correction Operation

However, there is a new corneal refractive procedure known as ReLEx SMILE which has been recently approved by the U.S. FDA. This particular procedure is minimally invasive and it was first introduced in 2011. Since its introduction more than 700, 000 procedures have been performed globally and it is offered in about 600 clinics in 62 countries.

SMILE has been proved to be an effective and safe procedure and that is the main reason why the U.S. FDA approved it. This revolutionary procedure was first performed in the U.S. on 3rd march, 2017 by Zenni Optical. It was performed by Jon G. Dishler, M.D., from ForYourSight, at the Dishler Laser Institute. This particular procedure has brought about a lot of improvements in correction of myopia for it is more effective than most of the options that were being used in the past. Its effectiveness has resulted to it being praised by highly respected professional doctors. The fact that it has been approved by the FDA also confirms that it is a safe and effective procedure therefore giving patients assurance that they are getting the best treatment available.

Details On The Surgery

This particular vision correction procedure for myopia is available in all parts of the U.S. Some of the main reasons that has made it so popular includes the fact that it is less invasive. This means that the patients who undergo the procedure do not require extensive surgeries. Because of this, the entire procedure is completed faster than most of the other myopia treatment options. The healing time is also significantly reduced which allow the patients to go back to their normal lives a short time after the procedure.

SMILE can only be performed using the VisuMax femtosecond laser made by ZEISS. This particular laser is specially designed to have all the components needed to perform the procedure. The fact that it is safe and effective makes it even more popular amongst patients and surgeons. Since it has been tested and proved to be successful in other countries it has become even more popular. The success rates of this procedure since 2011 when it was introduced are so high that the patients in the U.S. can be assured that they are getting the right correction for myopia.

What FDA Says

Before the U.S. FDA approved this modern revolutionary visionary correction procedure for myopia it first monitored its effectiveness in the other countries which it was already being used. This monitoring was meant to ensure that it has all the right qualities including safety and effectiveness. The FDA also took time to test the procedure to confirm that it does not pose any risks. These tests were done by highly qualified professionals. This confirms to the surgeons and the patients that SMILE is indeed the right treatment option for people with myopia. Therefore, the fact that this particular vision correction procedure for myopia has been introduced into the U.S means that patients and surgeons get more options to choose from.

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