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How The Increase In Cyber Crime Boosts The Global Antivirus Software Market

Over the years, a dramatic increase in the number of internet users has been witnessed worldwide. This rapid user increase however, has been coupled with a rapid increase in cyber crimes as well.

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According to the latest study report released by Technavio, a leading global technology research and advisory company, the market for global antivirus software packages is estimated to grow at a CAGR of close to 10% during that estimation period. The study performed, covered the current situation and the anticipated growth of the global antivirus software packages. It was based on the end users which were classified under home or corporate users, with the corporate users accounting for over 60%. Besides that, software manufacturers like symantec and kaspersky are giving out discount coupons to make their software more affordable to users. Norton coupons drop the antivirus software by up to 30%. The goal here is to offer internet safety for every smartphone and computer user, according to Qetes.

A lead analyst at the company, Mr. Ishmeet Kaur, also noted that the packages were expected to gain maximum traction in APAC during that forecast period, since enterprises in that region were highly internet dependent. This made them vulnerable to cyber attacks and data theft. The analysts then discovered three factors that contributed to growth of the market for antivirus packages globally.

Cyber Crime On The Rise

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One factor identified was the increase in cyber crime. Actions such as malware, hacking and identity theft were some of the cyber crimes that had been witnessed to be on the rise. This created a need for antivirus packages by the end users to help protect against them. Mobile phones were also being used increasingly due to their versatility and had been targeted. To avoid any form of loss, it was thus important to adopt an antivirus.

Online Transactions

Another factor seen to affect the demand was the rise in online transactions. Performing transactions via the internet has become easy, quick and convenient, causing a popularity increase. However, they are prone to cyber attacks. It is thus important for the user to acquire an antivirus with features that can make the transactions secure.

The last factor identified was the growing dependency on the internet. Worldwide internet users were seen to be on the rise, causing dependency on web applications, leading to identity theft vulnerability. It was thus essential for the users to purchase an antivirus that would protect them against cyber crime.

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