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7 Tips For Improving Videos And Photos

More than 100 million cameras were sold in 2016 alone. Photography is a hobby on the rise and more and more people are looking for tips to improve their skills.

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Today, the demand for video and photography skills is on the rise given that over 5 billion people own a photograph device in the form of a smartphone. Whether you a novice or more experienced with photography, the following tips will benefit and help you get better results.

1. Apply the rule of thirds

A picture that is composed by the rule of thirds is more pleasing to look at. Basically, the goal of this rule is to help you create a more balanced composition as well as help to place the important parts of the picture in those sections

For example, instead of placing a person directly in the center, you can place him or her along the left grid line. This often creates a more aesthetically composed picture. Also, when a picture is composed using the rule of thirds, the eyes will wander throughout the frame.

To compose using the rule of thirds, turn on the grid feature of your camera which displays a rule of thirds grid directly on the screen.

2. Get down and dirty

Taking the perfect shot may at times require you to get a little dirty. For example, when you lie on the ground or kneel when taking a photograph, it makes building to appear more majestic and taller. Alternatively, portraits that involve pets or children are best taken from a high position makes the subject’s eyes widen if they look to and makes them appear more vulnerable. Therefore, you may be required to climb a tree or wall in order to get the perfect shot.

If you are worried about looking too messy, you can carry a scarf or blanket.

3. Get Closer

Always consider moving as close to the subject as possible when taking a shot then zoom in the subject. Your goal should be to fill the picture area with the subject. A close short reveals However, be careful not to move too close or the images will appear blurry. The closest distance of most cameras is three feet.

4. Do not Use Flash

When you are shooting in a low lit area, you may be tempted to pop up the flash but it is not recommended. Unless you have a bounce card to make the light source softer, you will not get good photos. Instead of using flash it is better to tighten the aperture or increase your ISO.

5. Check The Light

Beside the subject, light is one of the most important part of every picture. It affects the entire appearance of the image. The best indoor light is usually near the window. When taking the photo, let the window be in the back of the subject but do not stand into direct sunlight.

When taking landscapes, try and take the shots early in the morning or late in the night when the light rakes across the land. Allthough it would be best to have the ideal conditions while photo shooting, the use of a good editing software is a must afterwards. For those of you who want to take photography to the next level, pinnacle studio by Avid is an awesome tool and friendly even for novices that does great things. Also, this page gives pinnacle studio coupons so you can get a discount and buy the software.

6. Clean your lens

The frequent use of smartphone makes most people to forget this. Always carry a lint free cloth and wipe off the camera lens before taking pictures.

7. Use Steadicams, drones or tripods

Shots taken in motion makes the picture look cinematic and professional but a shaky shot looks unprofessional and cheap. Steadicam and drones will help you produce perfect shots but if they are beyond your skill level, go for a tripod to steady your shots.

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