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Top 5 Tips For Up And Coming Artists: From UK Makeup Expert Zara Kaplan

We recently caught up with London-based makeup artist Zara Kaplan. Since 2013, she has worked with prominent athletes, sports pundits, and musicians, eventually making her way to the red carpet! She has done makeup for many celebrities, including Olivia Jordan (Miss USA 2015) and Courtney Paige Nelson of America's Next Top Model. Her work has also been featured in several magazines, including Cosmopolitan. We sought out Zara's expertise, and she shares her techniques that have led her to industry success at a young age.

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1. Know Your Setting

Zara's toolbox always changes depending on the context that the client is in. The bright lights of a TV studio or a standard night out demand different looks. She explains: "If a client is working in a TV studio, I use products to ensure the makeup is long lasting, shine proof, and I will apply a little more than usual just to ensure the bright lights don't wash out their complexion." ... "If I am doing makeup for the red carpet, the focus would be on tying together the whole look with the makeup, so I will give a direction of what I believe would look best with the chosen outfit in terms of color scheme, style etc." Being able to adapt to different circumstances has been essential to Zara's success as a makeup artist, allowing her to serve a diverse array of clients.

2. Networking is Essential

Yes, even for independent artists. In the age of the internet, social media makes it easier than ever to access others in your field. For Zara, Instagram offers countless opportunities. Another successful approach is to email those whose work you admire. People love to talk about their passion and share their stories. This is where relationships often start, and the approach helped Zara get her foot in the door.

3. Find Your Favorite Tools

To have a unique style, any artist must develop a toolkit that he or she can master and be familiar with. This is especially important for Zara; she has 3 makeup materials that suit her goals best. "I am ALL about creating flawless dewy skin, so I'm forever looking for amazing skin prep materials and makeup products to aid in creating that beautiful youthful glow. At the moment, my 3 kit essentials are the Charlotte Tilbury 'Magic Cream' for a gorgeous base glow, which I massage all over the face before applying any foundation, then I absolutely adore Tom Ford's 'Sheer Cheek Duo' and 'Shade and Illuminate' to help in adding dimension and dewiness to the face for all occasions."

4. Know Your Sources of Inspiration

What happens when the flow of ideas dries up? We're all familiar with writer's block, and the phenomenon is all too familiar to artists. As a makeup artist, Zara draws her ideas from far more than just the studio; they can come from anywhere. "I am constantly being inspired by my surroundings, whether it be by observing the colors of nature surrounding me, or by observing people on the way to work or walking on the street. I'm fascinated by the way everyone applies makeup differently and I'm constantly observing people's features and thinking of how I would do their makeup in my head!"

5. Persistence and Postivity Go a Long Way

Starting out in a tough industry is difficult and mentally taxing. However, confidence and a good attitude can go a long way. As with any craft, practice makes perfect. Constantly moving, despite the hurdles, will always help in the long run. Zara gives up and comers some encouraging advice to achieve this. "I would always suggest doing as many test shoots as you can in order to create a strong portfolio so that you have work to show for yourself - photographers and clients will always be more inclined to collaborate or hire you when they have a way to see your talents! My biggest piece of advice overall would have to be to do with personality. You should always strive to be someone who's easy to work with as part of a team and someone who's a pleasure to be around on long working days!"

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