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The Top 7 Musical Moments From Adult Swim's "Childrens Hospital", According To The Guy Who Made All Its Music

Adult Swim is awesome, Childrens Hospital was (and continues to be) awesome, everything about Childrens Hospital is freakin awesome -- including its music. Like many of you, I'm so obsessed with all things Childrens Hospital that I got its composer Matt Novack to help sort through each of the show's 7 seasons and pick what we agreed are the top 7 musical moments from the show. So here goes, in Matt's own words...

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1. The Grid - Eve is Revealed (S7 E14)

In the final episode of Childrens Hospital’s seven year run, the hospital is revealed to be a simulation created to hold the last remaining survivors of a nuclear war. I love sci-fi scores, and the whole episode features nods to The Matrix and others. In this penultimate scene, as Chief (Megan Mullaly) is revealed to be a hacker named “Eve” and the true purpose of the simulation comes to light, I got to score a super serious dramatic sci-fi cue which all pays off in the final scene of the series and became a pretty satisfying way to go out.

2. The Show You Watch - A Real Pickle Lover (S7 E10)

Did you know “Childrens Hospital” started as a sketch in a 50’s era variety show? No? Ok, neither did I, but this fluid take on time and reality is one of the reasons I love this show. The highlight of this episode started way back during shooting when I was asked to write a variety show song. I was given some old variety show references to study and lyrics by screenwriter Meghan Amram to write “A Real Pickle Lover.” Performed by Ken Marino and Megan Mullaly, with choreography by Emmy-winning choreographer Kathryn Burns and processed to sound “old-timey” by our sound mixer Brent Keiser.

3. Me, Owen - Owen’s Secret Origin (S6 E11)

“Me, Owen” was a tribute/parody to modern noir stories that featured Dr. Owen Maestro (Rob Huebel) and Det. Chance Briggs (Nick Offerman) trying to catch a murderer. In this episode I delved into a dark electronica score filled with pulses, sound design, ear candy and electro perc blended with strings. As the investigation progresses, the story flashes back to when Maestro and Briggs REALLY met each other.

4. Just Like Cyrano de Bergerac - Too Many Cyranos (S6 E6)

Blake (Rob Corddry) tries to find love and enlists the help of Glenn (Ken Marino) to “pull a Cyrano.” As the story progresses, a whole chain of Cyranos is revealed with a romantic, accordion-centered score in this Emmy-nomitated episode.

5. Up at 5 - Apocalypse Hospital (S6 E7)

In the annual behind-the-scenes episode for season 6, the cast appears on a morning talk show to promote a Kickstarter for their upcoming “Childrens Hospital” movie. The wasn’t a lot of score in this episode, but the real fun was scoring the movie clip that airs at the end of an episode, a Mad Max-esque end of the world action piece with our doctors imprisoned and fighting for their lives.

6. My Friend Falcon - My Friend Mister Wain (S5 E12)

Another behind-the-scenes episode from season 5. This one explored the history between director David Wain and the enigmatic Just Falcon (Ken Marino).

7. Imaginary Friends - Square Root of Negative One (S5 E5)

We’re introduced to Ward 7, a special ward for Imaginary Friends slash Smoking Lounge. Owen is the only doctor at Childrens that can see imaginary friends and when he’s caught administering imaginary medical care by Val and Glenn, they cause complete chaos in the Ward. Only imaginary Steve Perry can save the day.

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