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4 Things You Should Know about VR’s Hottest New Music-Driven Production Company: Fever Content

CEO/Director Elia Petridis has hired Executive Producer Craig Bernard to launch Fever Content, a virtual reality production company specializing in narrative and musical experiences. This is their newest project in a long list of high profile artist collaborations, as team members from the company have uplifted artists from Tiesto to Grouplove to One Republic. You may recognize Elia’s prior work on “Eye for an Eye: A Séance in Virtual Reality,” one of the more celebrated transmedia VR horror experiences; or perhaps you experienced Craig’s prior work from the music video to “Drugs” by EDEN, a groundbreaking use of virtual reality that was shown at both Sundance at SXSW and is considered to be one of the best music videos in VR. I was lucky to be able to chat with both Elia and Craig to discuss some of their favorite projects and what they see for the future of virtual reality.

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1. They are focused on Music and Narrative VR

Elia outlined the approach of Fever Content as a company that gives new storytelling devices to artists. “Fever is focused on music and narrative VR, telling stories and building them into experiences. Instead of being an all-encompassing in-house umbrella, we look at our relationships with individual artists and focus on their expertise.”

Indeed, despite the highly technical aspects of VR production, Craig and Elia are no strangers to the spirit of rock ’n roll. When I asked Craig about his music video work for the band Grouplove, he was especially fond of their open-minded attitude and energetic live performances. Furthermore, Elia noted that he is an avid drummer. “It’s all about the groove. And with Craig playing guitar, we have a lot of distractions.”

2. They believe in a Balance of Art, Science and Invention Combined

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Craig Bernard has a passion for science and mathematics. “In VR, the creative process, the display, and the production all have key technical components.” He shared what he thinks his job would be if he wasn’t working in film/VR: “I’d be at NASA or some rocket propulsion company.” NASA may be building in Mars Rovers only a few miles north of Los Angeles, but Bernard is sticking with Fever Content. Evidently, the medium of VR is pushing the technical frontiers of entertainment in new and unfamiliar ways. When art, science, and invention intersect, the result is always fresh and exciting. Elia agreed, adding. “Craig’s a pretty damn good backgammon player too.”

3. They want to introduce established artists to a new medium

One of Elia Petridis’s first VR projects is a narrative experience called “Eye for an Eye: a Seance in Virtual Reality.” Despite being a new and experimental medium, the project featured vocal contributions from veteran singer/songwriter Jesca Hoop. “I’ve been working with Jesca since 2005, nearly 13 years, and we’ve become good friends as I’ve worked on her music videos.”, Elia explains, “If she does decide to enter VR, I think it will happen organically.”

If Fever Content can work with artists that have such a diverse repertoire like Jesca (fingers crossed!), the VR world will have some very cool creations coming soon!

4. Future projects are in the works, but are “classified”

I asked Elia and Craig for any tidbits on their upcoming projects for Fever, but they opted to let the suspense build and keep it confidential. “Let’s call it classified for now. There’s a seed planted there and you’ll know what it is later.”, Elia explains. We’ll surely stay on the edge of our seats waiting for more!

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