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Paid PostFeb 12, 2018

10 Texts To Help You To Minimise Reputation Damage On Valentine's Day

Copy and paste to survive.

1. You don't have a date.

*send to all*

2. You discover you’ve accidentally double-booked yourself.

Playa gotta play.

3. For when you didn't actually confirm your reservation at a fancy restaurant.

Overbooking happens, right?

4. When someone you really do not fancy asks you out.

Weed 'em out by freaking 'em out.

5. Your partner wants you to post a soppy message on FB, but you don’t want to.

SMDA (Social Media Displays of Affection) should be banned. Don't give in.

6. You have betrayed your fellow single friend by getting a date.

Try to turn a negative into a positive by dragging them out of their dating rut.

7. You’ve found out that your fellow single friend got a date for Valentine’s Day.

Sometimes you've got to take the bull by its horns.

8. For when you forgot to buy your S.O. a present.

Lie like you've never lied before. Handy tip: Blame this faux pas on the housemate you never liked anyway.

9. You actually want to break up with them and can’t face lying your way through Valentine’s Day.

Kid yourself you're being cruel to be kind.

10. You’ve woken up from a nap to discover you’re extremely late for your date, and they’ve been texting you trying to find out what happened to you.

Apologise three times, go overboard on the kisses, and implicate your elderly neighbour as the reason for your lateness in order to effectively navigate this common faux pas.

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