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Paid PostFeb 28, 2018

14 Group Messages You Will Get When You Try To Plan A Group Summer Holiday

Warning: It will take you approximately six and a half weeks to pin down dates.

Stage One: The Birth of the Idea

*NB: This usually happens after a particularly good night out when you’ve all bonded more than usual.*

Stage Two: The Excitement

You all spend the next two hours hyped up on the idea of escaping the dreary UK weather.

Stage Three: Trying to Pin Down Dates

This conversation will stretch on for approximately two weeks before you finally settle on a date.

Stage Four: The New Group Chat

The location is even harder to nail down, but eventually you decide to that Portugal caters to all your needs. Straight after this decision is made, the most enthusiastic member of the group creates a sub-group.

Stage Five: The Extravagant Plans

There will be one member of the group who won't be able to grasp how much things cost.

Stage Six: The Bout of Realism

Someone will be willing to spend way more than the rest of you.

Stage Seven: The Drop Out

You all never liked Steven anyway.

Stage Eight: The Researcher

No one really wants to do 7am yoga on a girls holiday.

Stage Nine: The Perfect Place

Your accommodation will be guaranteed to look 1,000 times better in the photos than it does when you turn up, but that is half the fun of it.

Stage Ten: The IOU

No one asked for the flamingo-shaped pool Lilo, but you all end up paying for it anyway.

Keeping up with how much you owe people reminds you why you didn’t take your dad’s advice to become an accountant.

Stage Eleven: The Wardrobe Wars

You’ll all end up sharing anyway.

Stage Twelve: The Countdown

This will happen every day for the next 10 days.

Stage Thirteen: The Last-Minute Strategic Packing List

Someone will forget their item and throw the whole thing off balance, resulting in an overly dramatic pandemonium that will be easily fixed with a quick trip to the nearest pharmacy.

Stage Fourteen: The Night Before Take-Off

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