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People Tell Us Their Weirdest Playlist Names And What They Mean

Everyone's got a weird playlist. What's yours?

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VOXI is a new mobile network that gives endless social data in all plans as standard. Now, you can also get endless music streaming without eating your data, FREE for six months when you activate before 15 February. To celebrate this, we asked people to tell us what the weirdest playlists on their favourite music apps are and the stories behind them.

"In Space No One Can Hear You Sob"

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"I made this playlist one day when I was really sad about something. I can't remember exactly what though. Basically, this playlist is full of sad European disco songs that sound like they might have been sung by an alien or robot."

– Courtney B

"Music for an Impromptu Road Trip Due to an Existential Crisis"

Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash / Via

"I almost definitely made this playlist on a rainy, autumn day when I had nothing to do. I have a fantasy of jumping in my car and going on a very long solo road trip whenever I need time to think and be introspective and consider my place in the world.

"These 'spontaneous' road trips have yet to happen, mainly because I can't actually drive (I live in a city with fantastic public transport). However, the playlist also serves me well whenever I fancy going on a walk to do the same thing, so I've still gotten some use out of it."

– Ayesha M

"She Wears a Trench Coat..."

Photo by Usamah Khan on Unsplash / Via

"I made this playlist one summer when my girlfriend at the time was studying in Cornwall, and I was working in London. It's lots of old-school soul songs that reminded me of her.

"I'd put all the songs in a weird order so that it started with a song about really missing someone and ended with a song about falling in love for the first time. I would listen to it on repeat during the long train journeys to and from her house in Cornwall."

– Charles O


Photo by Frances Gunn on Unsplash / Via

"I don't make my playlists public. They're just for me, so I just name them whatever comes to mind or whatever I'm planning to do. So I have 'Room' when indoors and "Walking" when I'm out and about. I also have a playlist called 'Australia', which I play when I'm feeling homesick!"

– Liz K

"I'm Yacht Rich, Mami"

Photo by Alex Block on Unsplash / Via

"I think I made this one during a particularly cold and boring winter. I wanted something that captured the the feeling of being on a yacht off the coast of some beautiful country with the sun on back and the wind in my hair. There's at least three songs in there with the words "ocean", "sail", or "captain" in them."

– Seth D

"Drunk in the Garage"

Photo by Jack Douglass on Unsplash / Via

"Imagine this: You're about to start a day of drinking. It's warm out, the sun is shining, your best friends are over, and you're excited about your plans for the weekend. You go out into the garage (door open, of course), crack open a cold one, click play on this playlist, and let the rest just happen. The playlist is also good for chores or DIY involving some significant scale. This is not the playlist you put on when you're dusting the shelf; this is the playlist you put on when you're cleaning the whole damn house."

– James L

"Sing-along for Traffic"

Photo by Mark Asthoff on Unsplash / Via

"My biggest bugbear in life is being stuck in traffic; I have zero patience for it. Then I discovered that as long as I'm able to sing along (very expressively) to some cheesy music (though getting weird looks from other drivers on the road) the time flies by. So the playlist 'Sing-along for Traffic' was born."

– Sabrina F

"Key Changes of Historical Importance"

Photo by Greyson Joralemon on Unsplash / Via

"They just don’t make pop songs like they used to, do they? That transcendent feeling when the diva del dia cranks it up to a whole ’nother level – heaven really is a place on earth. No chemical can recreate that euphoria. I created 'Key Changes of Historical Importance' to celebrate the greatest bops of all time. Because it is imperative that we safeguard these absolute bangers for future generations. Never forget."

– Suky S

"Summer Haze"

Photo by Conner Murphy via Unsplash / Via

"I have a playlist called 'Summer Haze' that basically consists of woozy, sweaty summer anthems. It's for those really hot and sticky summer nights when you're at home or in the club, and you need those hazy jams in your life. Lots of sexy pop, laid-back indie rock, and slick rap, basically."

– Matt C

"Keg Mondays"

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"Keg Mondays were a huge day for us at uni because it made the weekend ending a little easier to swallow – because you knew Monday you could go out again. But because Mondays suck, you always needed something to pump you up to get into the drinking mood. So the pregame playlist had to be perfect."

– Becca M

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