Sarah Mandeville
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    • Sarah Mandeville

      So when I was pregnant I had a nurse tell me that drinking redbull would give my child wings. She wasn’t joking and got really offended when I laughed. I tried to not be so rude and said “hey what else?”. She said that was it, the only negative side effect.  I had to then explain to her what caffeine does to a developing fetus, how dangerous it was, and why no caffeinated drink should be consumed during pregnancy…. oh yes and of course baby wings.  Everyone is stupid.

    • Sarah Mandeville

      This entire article is super butt hurt. First of all the reason why geek things are geared towards boys is because for the longest time boys where the only ones interested in these things. They were labeled, disenfranchised by the main stream and chastised constantly for their interests.  This article insist there is no suck thing as a fake geek girl. I have about 4 female friends who dress in whatever cosplay they can for attention and attention only. They have no knowledge to speak off and engaging them in a conversation is an exorcize in futility. I’m sorry but what you’re insisting isn’t happening does actually happen. I can name famous fake nerd girls too if you like. I have a ton of examples of that.  The problem is acceptance for those girls who have their noses in a manual of some sort or a book that wasn’t made into a movie. The girls who learned Japanese to watch anime better. I’m sorry but there are nerd things that have nothing to do with how well you can do hair and makeup.  Kudos to those girls who are great at looking like these nerd things but until you can sit down roll some dice with me, hold your own without playing the girl card in mmo’s, play some mtg with me or do something that actually takes your brain… just don’t attach nerd to your description you’re simply a model, an empty shell. The thing is smart people can tell the difference on site.  Also if you didn’t do nerd things when you where little because someone told you it was for boys that’s on you. I was told the same thing, then sat there all night in front of my t.v. and mastered every video game i could, then beat every boy who said that. If you’re not tough enough to stand up for yourself then that again is your problem. Boys during that time that they were fags and losers, they kept doing it because they didn’t take that from anyone. If you’re a girl and your excuse for not gaming at a young age was social stigma you have no idea what being a nerd is.

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