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Would You Rather: Los Angeles Vs. New York

Which metropolis is the bestropolis? Brought to you by MONOPOLY and BuzzFeed.


2. Signature drink:

3. Stereotype:

4. Cultural institution:

5. Park:

6. Exercise fad:

7. Footwear:

8. Transport:

9. Nightlife:

10. Weekend destination:

11. Landmark:

12. Birds:

13. Healthy snack:

14. Weather:

15. Sunglasses:

16. Tourists:

17. Iconic shopping:

18. Pipe dream:

19. Tinder red flag:

20. Highway from hell:

21. Most famous resident:

Let's face it: They're both pretty cool. But which one will be the next Boardwalk?

You don't have to roll the dice on this one: Both NYC and L.A. could be in the newest version of MONOPOLY Here & Now, with a vote powered by BuzzFeed. Your vote could be the deciding one to get your favorite one in the game. Vote now!