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    • VoraciousReader

      I think the author of this article has read most if not all of the books, or he couldn’t have written it. The article is hilarious inaheavily ironic way, not least because there are germs of truth in it. Nobody is saying that there is anything wrong with the books (well, maybeafew of them!) or with reading them. But seriously, ifastranger told you their favorite book out of all the books in the world was something by Ayn Rand, or was Lolita—they are great books, but wouldn’t you beatad worried? And who doesn’t love the Harry Potter books (which of course are not written at the 5-year-old level at all), but if they are your favorite books of all time, perhaps you haven’t read enough adult literature. The point about The Giver isn’t that it’s notagreat book—the point is that it gets assigned to most kids in high school these days, so if someone says it’s their favorite book perhaps it’s the last one they can remember reading. But if the piece has to be explained, the humor starts to drain out of it.Ican’t remember when I’ve laughed so hard—and the people who are getting all huffy about the article just make me laugh harder!

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