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Young Designer Creates Entire Collection Using Only Three Colors. Here Is The Result

YOUNG DESIGNER JUST CREATED THE COLLECTION, USING ONLY THREE COLORS AND IT CAME OUT SUPER STYLISH AND FASHIONABLE. This is a combination of the main Voo-Doo brand colors: red, black and white. Every color has a different meaning. White is a Voo-Doo meaning – guardian soul. Black is a piece of mystery, and red means true love for life and freedom. A combination of these colors explains a true meaning of Voo-Doo brand: is a harmony of style, freedom and success. Different types of clothes vary in complexity, style and high functionality. You can choose clothes which suits your life, sense of personal style and everyday needs. It is enough to wear boring and mainstream clothes and look the same as the girl next door. It’s time express your individuality with the clothes and details designed only for You. This collection was created specially for KICKSTARTER project. It is super stylish, super functional and extraordinary. Support the project here: Kickstarter -> Fashion -> Apparel

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