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A Class I Will Never Forget!

S.Williams - LDR2010

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Hey what's up, thanks for checking my buzz feed out. My name is Savon Williams, but everyone calls me Von. I am 22 years old and I would consider myself a young leader in my atmosphere of people I influence and in my environment of work, which is the reason why I took a course called Leadership Fundamentals and I encourage everyone to take this course or some type of leadership course. I guarantee you will learn a lot about yourself and you will sure up your leadership style and philosophy. At the beginning of this class, my leadership style was all about results and having something to show for what you did to be able to prove to people that you were a leader. However, my style of leading and my thinking about leadership has changed since taking this class. I now believe that leadership is all about getting the best out of the people you work with, and understanding your community and environment and who you impact. Leadership is about getting the best out of everyone and being celebrated together as a team and not one individual. I think you will see that represented through my core values and what I stand by and for.

My Core Values


My core values helped shape my leadership philosophy. These core values are FAMILY, HONESTY, TRUST, PURPOSE, and RELATIONSHIP. I started with family for a very specific reason. If you notice throughout most families, its never about who can be better than who or who can succeed further than who. Its all about helping each other out through life and making sure everyone succeeds together. This is the foundation of my leadership style. like I stated in my introduction, my leadership style now is about helping the people I lead advance and us becoming a family and community. the next 4 of my core values are in no specific order, so I will address trust and honesty next. When developing individuals to be leaders, one of the key factors that goes into this process is trust. That trust needs to come from both parties involved in the process. Your team should be able to trust that you have their best interest at heart and steering them in the right direction and you should be able to trust that your team has your back and that they will be honest with you at all times about the situations you put them in and the interaction between you all as a group. Purpose and Relationship go together for me. There is a purpose for every relationship and as a leader you have to understand that. Its very cliché to say, but the statement is also very true that says some people are in your life for seasons, and some are in your life forever. As a leader, you have to understand that and understand the dynamic of the relationship you have with each individual. If you try and exhaust a relationship past its due date that its supposed to end, you only frustrate both parties involved and could potentially ruin the progress made previously. If you cut a relationship short when its really meant to last longer, you could be cutting off great progress. As a leader, you have to understand that dynamic and know when to let go and when to stay the course.

Take Away 1: Strengths Quest


this Was probably my favorite part of the entire semester. This Strengths Quest allowed me to find and define my strengths as a leader. the importance of this test for me was that things that I thought of as weakness for me were actually strengths. For example, One of my strengths was being a strategic person and I thought that was bad, but actually it is very good to be that type of person especially when being in a leadership role.



Communities, teams, and groups can be separate, but can also be the same depending on how you look at them. The class that we focused on this topic was so fun because we got frustrated trying to classify things into certain categories and then eventually we got to a point where we just said they could all be interchangeable.

Take Away 3: Leadership is forever changing


Nothing will ever stay the same. Change is inevitable and as we go through life and different situations, there are things that will happen and will give as a paradigm shift in the way we think about leadership. There will be new information provided to us that will help us shape our philosophy on leadership, so don't ever think the mindset you have now will be the exact mindset you have in two weeks from now, a month from now, even a year from now. I also took away from this class that we have responsibility to create social change and positive change, some way, some how, before we leave this earth.

Take Away 4: Who says Leadership has to be traditional?


There is no one set way to be a leader. you have traditional leadership in organizations such as Chik-fi-la where you have an owner, then managers, then store employees. And the you have unorthodox leadership like how our professor Cord ran the class where the students dictated the atmosphere and pace of the class. Both ways are effective and makes their audience thrive and happy.

Take Away 5: Age is no factor in leadership


Coming into this class, I struggled with my age factor and being a leader. I am in a unique position where I get a chance to lead people older than me on my job and in ministry at my local church, but I could never bring myself to be an effective leader because I always felt weird trying to lead people older than me. At the conclusion of this class, I now feel like I have what it takes to lead any type of group.



In conclusion of this post, I would like to wrap up how I started by saying I think everyone should take a leadership class. Everyone is a leader in some type of way, but taking a leadership class could help you determine in what way you were meant to be a leader. Shout to my professor, Cord, and his Intern Amber. They were both amazing and made class a joy to come to. I hope you've enjoyed reading this and please share the link with someone else.

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