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14 Reasons Why 2014 Was "The Year Of The Booty"

Let's not kid ourselves, 2014 was undoubtedly The Year of The Booty. We were Obsessed With It. Pop culture turned our eyes to every derriere we came in contact with. NSFW because booty.

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1. Meghan Trainor did a really important thing.


This breakout star shared her positive message about being proud of your body with the world. "All About That Bass" is an anthem for women everywhere, and is definitely a step in the right direction about teaching girls to be proud of their body image....But, more specifically, being proud of that bootay!

2. Jason Derulo joined the fan club.


His song "Wiggle" a celebration of that most jiggly part of the female anatomy. Not sure how Meghan would feel about her butt being referred to as "2 Planets" though.

3. Rihanna did this.

4. Then, Shakira did this.



5. Then they both did this.


I definitely won't be able to remember forget that...I think.

6, Taylor Swift tried her "hand" at twerking.


A for effort, T-Swizzle!

7. Lily Allen proved how "Hard Out Here" it actually is for women.


Her video was one of the funniest and more appropriately satirical videos of 2014. Definitely a favorite.

8. Kim Kardashian made more money.

Who else is #overit?

Who else is #overit?

9. Fergie came back into our lives.


After what seemed like an eternity, The Dutchess herself made an oh-so hip-hop return to music this year. And of course, it featured twerking.

10. Iggy Azalea entered the scene


Besides her idiosyncratic rap flow, Iggy has become known for her larger than life posterior.

11. Jennifer Lopez made a video that objectified men.


"I Luh Ya Papi" was a fantastic comment on how our culture is fine with objectifying women, and not men. Bravo JLo! Expose the booty!

12. Then, J-LO did a thing with Iggy.


And my oh my, it was MASSIVE.

13. Yoncé gave us what we've always wanted.


Queen Bey #blessed us with this gem in her new video for the single "7/11".



The Booty Crown of 2014 goes to none other than Nicki Minaj.

She did this.

She taunted us.

Teased us.


Nicki brought us into her own universe.


Or shall I say, "bootyverse".

And finally, that one time she did it LIVE.

This year was truly a good one for butts everywhere. At this rate, who knows, could next year finally be the Year of the Bulge? Only time will tell.

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