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    • volleyballgirl

      First of all, I never said that people who drink or smoke are losers by any means or that it is wrong to do so. However, when I think of being classy, doing drugs and drinking are not really the first things that come to my mind. And if people like to do those things, I have no problem with that! Also, I am about the biggest Taylor Swift fan and know lots about her, therefore I do know that she is a real person. And if you watch interviews with any other fellow celebrities commenting on Taylor’s personality, you would find the same. Anyone that really believes that Taylor hates other women is quite confused.

    • volleyballgirl

      Seriously people? Taylor is withoutadoubt one of the most classy celebrities of our generation. One whom you never see on magazine covers drinking, smoking, cheating, or in jail for that matter. Sure she has had trouble with her past relationships, but so do half the people in the world. And if she can make great songs and sell millions from them, go for it! As far as the hating fellow females goes, that is just plain rediculous. What’s the problem with not sleeping with every guy you date and waiting til marriage anyway? Also, in several of Taylor’s videos featuringabrunette, the girl is actuallyamember of her own band, Liz! Like We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, and The Story of Us. Taylor is one of the most genuine people in the public eye, and people should not bash her for illegitamate reasons.
      Go Swifties!

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