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20 Everyday Moments That Make Life A Little Better

We all have rough days. Maybe you missed breakfast. Or maybe your favorite team just lost a big game. Here are a few moments you can't help but smile at. Come on. Get happy.

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1. Watching Our Parents Trying To "Keep Up"

2. Seeing One Of These

3. When We Get Good Mail

4. Actually Witnessing Life Imitate Art

5. When They Try To Get Us To Appreciate What They Found

6. Coming Home To See That Someone Else Made The Bed That Morning

7. Realizing We're Not That Bad At Cooking After All

8. When Throwing Something Away Is Really Difficult

9. Looking Down At Exactly The Right Moment

10. When They Want Her To Call Just As Much As We Do

11. Homemade Treats At Work

12. When We Realize Our Broom Looks Like Johnny Bravo

13. Finding A Keychain With Our Name On It When We Have A Unique Name

14. Having The Entire Row To Ourselves

15. Whenever this Happens

16. Seeing An Elderly Couple Who Are Still Together

17. Awesome Discounts

18. Turning Them Over And Seeing This For The First Time

19. Spotting A Constellation (Without Help!)

20. Being Rewarded For Still Looking At License Plates