12 Great “Behind The Scenes” Moments From Our Favorite TV Shows

TV has always been great, but sometimes the unscripted stuff is even better.

1. The Final Bow On The Empty Set Of "Friends"

After all the props were taken out of the studio, all that was left were the studio audience and the feelings.

2. This Shared Laugh On The Set Of "Breaking Bad"

Maybe they’re laughing about how they’re the only reason anyone’s interested in chemistry anymore?

3. This Final Bow On "Will And Grace"

This was after shooting for the final episode had ended, and here is what it looks like to bask in what 8 seasons worth of love feels like.

4. This Group Hug On "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"

Man, final tapings are rough!

5. This Nighttime Shot On "Friday Night Lights"

Talk about not having a moment to yourself!

6. The Amused Look On William Shatner's Face On The Set Of "Star Trek: The Original Series"

Everyone else looks worried, but Shat is just cool as a cucumber.

7. This Hilarious Rehearsal On The Set Of "30 Rock"

Well, Baldwin’s certainly never made that face when rehearsing with Tina Fey…

8. This Shared Giggle Between Chace Crawford And Blake Lively On "Gossip Girl"

Maybe they finally got some good gossip.

9. This Intimate Moment Between Kermit And Jim Henson

What a sweet moment between human and puppet.

10. This Family Portrait From The Set Of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia"

This is just adorable!

11. This Group Shot On "Glee"

Quite the Gleek convention happening here!

12. This Conversation Between Aaron Stanton And Rich Sommer On "Mad Men"

The juxtaposition between the 60s and the present day in this shot is marvelous.

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