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Plan A Wedding To Your BFF And We'll Reveal Your Perfect Vodka Cruiser Match

Because every BFF love story deserves a truly epic celebration.

Let's all be honest — there's no contending with your BFF when it comes to the question of who the true love of your life is.

So to celebrate all things wonderful about everlasting, platonic love, this year, Vodka Cruiser gave two BFFs the opportunity to have their best hot girl summers ever — with an all-expenses paid trip to Melbourne for their very own BFF wedding!

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Because the love between besties surely rivals the love from any fairytale romance — and if you don't believe us, just check out the video above! 

Feeling inspired? Plan your dream wedding to your BFF and we'll reveal your perfect Vodka Cruiser match, so you can say "cheers!" to being besties for life.