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Signs Your Mum Is The Best Mum Ever

Mum, you're the best.

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1. After growing up big and strong, you're really appreciating her tireless efforts to make you eat broccoli.

2. How she tried her best to prepare you for life's little surprises.

3. Just how gross you were as a baby... / Via

…and all the icky things she did for you.

4. Her delicious home-cooked meals.

BuzzFeed Video / Via

You really miss her wurstbrot - especially when you have to cook for yourself every night.

5. The way she stopped you from hanging out with the "bad kids" at school.

6. All the little chores she did that you just didn't appreciate. / Via

Buying your own toilet paper sucks.

7. How she didn't ever get a minute to herself.

8. Her amazing ability to find everything you ever lost as a kid.

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9. The rules and boundaries she set for you as a teen. / Via

Yeah, you TOTALLY didn't appreciate that at the time.

10. All the sacrifices she made to make you happy.

11. Her amazing sense of humour.

12. And your teeth are thankful for all those times she stopped you from eating too many cookies!

So, Mum…

...even when you're asking me how to send an attachment on email…


...or phoning me up to gossip about your neighbours…


...or posting embarrassing things on my Facebook wall…

BuzzFeed Violet / Via

...I just want to say…

...thank you for being there for me from the start...

...and I love you...'re the best mum ever.