Things "Saved By The Bell" Taught Me

Hey hey hey! What is going on here?!

3. We All Have Regrets

4. Set goals for your dating life

5. Embrace your heritage

or be like Jessie and make up for your slave-owning ancestors in the WORST POSSIBLE WAY

6. Work what your mama gave you

10. But it’s ok to have bad days

11. Don’t forget to exercise

13. There are consequences to our actions

14. Never underestimate the power of a good hair flip

15. Growing up is hard


I mean….can we say statutory???

17. Save your money

18. Have friends that keep it real

19. There’s no hope with dope

Screw you Johnny Dakota!!!

21. Sometimes you don’t need words to express your feelings

23. Lock your damn doors

24. Friends Forever

25. Because even friendship can overcome this

26. and whatever the hell is going on here

27. and lastly…you will ALWAYS want to marry Zack Morris

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