22 Reasons Why Tim Riggins Is The Perfect Boyfriend

U + 33 = True Love 4 ever

1. He’ll fight for your honor

2. He’s virtuous

3. He totally knows what “The Scarlet Letter” is about

4. But like really….he’ll fight for you

5. He’s a man of few words….

6. But he knows how to party

7. He wants you to get everything you want

8. He’s polite

9. He gives great compliments

10. He won’t over think your relationship

11. He doesn’t want much

12. And even though he never got to achieve his dreams….

13. He’ll never stop you from achieving yours

14. His philosophies would vastly improve your quality of life

15. He loves his family

16. He’s great with kids

17. He’s hot while drinking beer

18. He’s hot when he wakes up

19. He’s hot while standing in the rain

20. He’s basically just hot always

21. The only thing he’ll ever love as much as you is Texas

22. And because…..he’s freaking TIM RIGGINS

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