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15 Disney Villians Ranked By Order Of Evil

Because some of them are just misunderstood.

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14. Captain Hook (Peter Pan)

He was fashionable, a PIRATE, rocked a sweet mustache, and he only had one hand. PLUS have you ever had to deal with an obnoxious boy child? Give the Captain a break.

13. Shere Khan (The Jungle Book)

Well I mean....he was a tiger. What did you expect? I'm pretty sure if you were a tiger you wouldn't like humans all that much either. I am a human and i don't like humans that much.

10. Cinderella's Evil Step-Mother

Yeah....she's pretty deranged. What kind of woman who is supposed to love and take care of you lets her daughters rip your beautiful dress off? Terrible.

4. Ursula (The Little Mermaid)

Homegirl was messed up. She was all crazy and had a million legs and tried to kill dreamy dreamy Prince Eric and she was all like transforming herself into someone beautiful and used LIVE CREATURES for her lipstick...I mean that's taking animal testing to a whole other sick level. Gurrrrll....pull yourself together!

3. Shan Yu and the Huns (Mulan)

They were single handedly trying to destroy CHINA. An entire country people! THEN they sneak into a dragon costume DURING A CELEBRATION to attack the city. Way to ruin a parade and the hopes and dreams of Chinese children everywhere you JERKS!

1. Sid (Toy Story)

He dissected toys and lit things on fire....can you say sociopath? Little kids who are evil are so much worse than anything else evil....let's be real here. I saw "Children of the Corn", "The Omen"....I watch "Criminal Minds"...I know what these creepy kids grow into. Don't try to convince me of anything less. Sid wins hands down.

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