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9 Things Hare Krishnas Go Through When Eating Out

"Do we just Sri Vishnux3 this and call it prasad???"

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1. You constantly have this gut wrenching feeling when you're at a friend's place and you don't see a single vegetarian meal in sight.


"Oh God did they actually forget to have something for me to eat... again? Me, a Hare Krishna, who's been here like, what, six times in the last month?"

2. And a list of thoughts run through your head: can I just have the salad? Does anyone even serve salad anymore? What about the fries? Would they have fried it with the same cooking oil for the meat?

5. And then comes the question of offering it and having Krishna prasad.

"I mean do I just eat it? Shouldn't I be eating only Krishna prasad? What will my Guru Maharaj say about this? What will my mother say? Do we just Sri Vishnux3 this and call it prasad???"

6. You try your best to keep up to date with the latest food trends but sometimes it's hard when your temple squad ain't got yo back.

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Like, prabhus, (pumpkin) SPICE is the variety of life yknow?

7. But at least when you're at the ISKCON temple you don't have to deal with basically everyone questioning your life choices.

My coworker"why did you become a vegetarian? God put animals on earth for us to eat" Me

Imma whoop yo ass like Krishna did with Dhenukasura if you don't stop it rn.

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