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    20 Cinco De Mayo Recipes For Vegans That The Whole Family Will Love

    Mexican style recipes for everyone to love and for vegans to celebrate! From appetizers through desserts. Fiesta!

    1. Mexican Style Baby Shiitake Mushroom Pizza

    Via Vegan in the Freezer

    2. Brown Rice Horchata

    Via Pickles and Honey

    3. Pulled Butternut Squash Tacos

    Via Vegan Richa

    4. Colorful Chopped Rice Salad

    Via Ceara's Kitchen

    5. Loaded Potato Bites

    Via Begin Within Nutrition

    6. Nopales Black Bean and Potato Rolled Tacos with Smoky Taco Cream

    Via Veggies Don't Bite

    7. Homemade Refried Beans

    Via The Vegan Crew

    8. Triple Stacked Quesadillas

    Via Healthy Happy Life

    9. Mexican Sweet Potato and Puy Lentil Mole

    Via Tinned Tomatoes

    10. Pickled Vegetables Mexican Style

    Via Craving Something Healthy

    11. Mexican Black Bean Spaghetti

    Via Veganosity

    12. Vegan Queso with Spiced Tortilla Chips

    Via The Whole Serving

    13. Mexican Pizza

    Via Veggies Don't Bite

    14. Taco Seasoning

    Via Vegan in the Freezer

    15. Mexican Spiced Chocolate Covered Cashews

    Via Veggie Inspired Journey

    16. Tempeh Tacos with White Cabbage and Fresh Salsa

    Via The Muffin Myth

    17. Vegan Pizza Margherita

    Via My Wife Makes

    18. Clean Eating Refried Bean Dip

    Via Simply Quinoa

    19. Easy Mexican Freekeh Pilaf

    Via Vegan Family Recipes

    20. Secretly Cruciferous Crunchy Tacos

    Via Feasting on Fruit
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