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    7 Bucks

    ‘7 Bucks’ - oil on canvas, 100x70cm - 40x28” This is my entry for Madonna's project ' Art for freedom ' Each tile represents one life, and the painting shows the number of lives that are lost each hour because of the hunger. Red tiles show children under 5 that die each hour. They have all lost their FREEDOM TO LIFE. And hopefully we can change it. I hope that visualization can help people to figure out how large this number really is. 900 people die each hour and 350 of them are children under 5… Each 4 seconds one person dies of hunger. And we can save them. Title of the painting is ‘7 bucks’, because that is amount that is enough to feed one starving child… for a month! ( ). The style of this painting is mosaicism, new style that I am developing. My initial thought was to show the number of people that die each day because of hunger, but the amount is overwhelming, 21.000 people ( 25.000 according to the other sources ). I just hadn’t had enough time to make it for this deadline… Colors that I have used are basic, because I didn’t want anything to distract the viewer. The red is chosen since it is the most dramatic, and the disposition symbolizes traffic red light, it means: ’ Stop ‘. And we can stop this horror. Hopefully… Black was chosen to symbolize either deep black earth, or the heavens, whatever the viewer believes in… The name of the painting has one personal meaning too, since in January this year our dog, American bulldog named Buck died. He was 7… One of the tiles has FMSC written in it. That is the organization that I like the most, that helps fight hunger worldwide. My name is Vlada Peterka, I am 37 and I live with my family in Novi Sad, Serbia.