NFL Ninja Turtles

Which “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” characters match up with which NFL teams…

Leonardo – New England Patriots.
They have skill, extremely disciplined and the model of a great competitor. Unfortunately for them, they get so much love that everyone else would like to see them taken down a peg.

Raphael - Dallas Cowboys.
A lot of talent who’d be dominant if they ever got their shit together. They are more prone to flash and action than actual hard work.

Michaelanglo – New Orleans Saints
Both are ready to party, loaded with talent, but they get so much love from everyone for there personality you almost get giddy watching some one else to take them out just so they will shut-up for a second.

Donatello – Pittsburgh Steelers,
They quietly achieve more success than most of the league without gaining the proper accolades of their peers. When the smoke settles, you notice that someone they’ve managed to wipe out the hyped up opponents and out perform their peers.

Shredder – New York Jets.
Loud, cocky, arrogant and whenever they truly have the opportunity to be top dog they find a way to bumble it away in spectacular fashion.

Krang – Washington Redskins
Failure no matter who they put in charge, what schemes they have in place or who they have working for them. They also seem to have unlimited access to continue mismanaging with seemingly no loss of resources.

Leatherhead – Baltimore Ravens
Absolutely dominating… So why don’t they ever seem to win the big battles?

Baxter Stockman – San Diego Chargers.
When they’re focused there a tough advisory, when there not they’re easy game for any challenger.

Casey Jones - New York Giants
A lot of positive results for what often appears to be a lack of stability. Always seem a half a second away from a mental breakdown.

Splinter – Peyton Manning and the team that Peyton plays for at the current time.
Powerful, smart and garner a lot of respect from everyone (including advisories). The only problem is that for a legendary competitor they often look incredibly weak under pressure.

April – Detroit Lions
Was In need of constant help for a crazy long time until they finally learned to fight back.

Irma – Buffalo Bills
They’re sad, pathetic and extremely desperate for any success or respect.

Rocksteady – Oakland Raiders
People say they used to be real great challengers, but for a bruiser they seem to be an after thoughts when it comes to talking elite.

Bebop – San Francisco 49ers
Supposedly better than their counterparts, but always falls short to better teams.

Neutrinos –Tampa/ Carolina/Texans/Seattle
Because nobody really has a strong feeling about them anyway…and if you’re from those places you already know deep down that it’s true. The only way anyone pays them any mind is if they happen to be in the way.

Rat King – Philadelphia Eagles
They seem completely overpowering until a challenger exploits a weakness. When this happens (usually late into the story/season) they fold like a house of cards.

Usagi Yojimbo - Green Bay Packers

A great competitor, but without any of the love giving to the Turtles of the league.

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