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Insane Antique Medical Devices On Ebay

I couldn't help but share the wonderfully weird yet super creepy antique medical devices currently available on Ebay. Enjoy.

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  • 1800's prosthetic leg

    1800's prosthetic leg

    Not bad for the 1800's but it still gives me the willies. Yes, that is the technical term.

  • Trepanning Set 1830

    Trepanning Set 1830

    This is for drilling into your head to let the demons out.

  • Post Civil War stomach pump/enema

    Post Civil War stomach pump/enema

    Pre-sanitation folks.

  • 1800's Silver Catheter

    1800's Silver Catheter

    Catheters are placed in the urethra aka your pee hole. That thing is huge. I would hurt somebody if they came at me with that thing.

  • 1800's Gynecology Vaginal Retractor Set

    1800's Gynecology Vaginal Retractor Set

    What????????? The description states "A antique medical early 1800s gynecological surgeons vaginal retractor instrument set. Old nickel silver finish. Handle and 7 interchangeable blades. Sprung lever locking system gun metal finish." I've had my legs crossed for half an hour.

  • Doctors Hypodermic Syringe

    Doctors Hypodermic Syringe

    Look at the size of those needles!