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7 Things (About Summer)- A Parody

What I love and hate about summer expressed perfectly to the tune of Miley Cyrus's song, 7 Things.

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I don't know why I wrote this,

but at times I get so bored,

I think about the reasons,

these two months off are for.

Summer's awesome, summer's great,

but sometimes it starts to feel like such a chore...

now I'm sitting, in my room,

typing fast until my fingers feel so sore,

no more...

The seven things I hate about you,

the seven things I hate about you,

oh you,

so hot, it burns, when you shine so bright,

I'm sweating, it's not right,

my hair's a mess, my mouth is dry, I've got this weird tan on my thigh,

so tired, at 2, but when I tried to sleep, never tired at night,

I never get anything done.

and the seventh thing, I hate the most, that you do,

you make me love you.

At least I'm not in school now,

but I've always got to complain.

About all the things that

make life so mundane

But outside, the sun it shines,

and the smile on my face, well, it remains.

these days...

The seven things I like about you,

I've got this time, it never ends,

no math, no words, to comprehend.

I'm relaxed, I'm laid back, just hanging out with my friends.

tank top and shorts, that look is in, it's warm enough to swim,

Can I forever be, in this season?

and the seventh thing, I like the most that you do,

you make me love you.

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