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Westworld- Are We Close To Building It?

Westworld is an HBO's new TV show that increasingly depicts the possibility of advanced humans in form of machines. It depicts the inability to differentiate a machine from a human being. So, the question being asked is whether the technological world is close to building Westworld or not?

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Westworld- Are We Close To Building It?


Westworld has made quite an impact in the world of technology with its advanced technological elements. Its mode of entertainment utilizes technological properties; it has built a virtual world where people interact with platforms that are increasingly human-like in every way. The question people are asking is whether this is good for them or not. Is there a high risk in bringing the Westworld into a reality and making technological platforms that are as intelligent as a human being? Westworld as interesting as it is, indicate the likelihood of a future with machines as fellow inhabitants.

The fact is no one can actually answer you adequately. This is because the answers are conflicting and in most cases, you are offered both the positives and negatives of the case. It is quite evident that many are still afraid of the capabilities and potential depicted by artificial intelligence. Some are on the extreme sides of the machines going rogue and being too intelligent, and some just say that is not about to become a reality as soon as depicted in the show. Well, a single most futuristic question in regards to the theme Westworld is still on the table; how close are we to achieving or build it?


First of all, there is a need to indicate or tell that Westworld is a themed show and park as described by screentv. It constitutes employees, robots or artificial intelligent platforms and visitors to the park. It is a future technologically based show that indicates the near or far future possibilities. The difference in these technological factors that is an artificially intelligent robotic system and the human-like characteristic seen in the movie is that they are not yet at hand. The possibility of building such a system however is and people need not panic since we have not yet discovered how to make a fellow human being yet. In the Westworld reality, differentiating humans from the robots is a huge difficult task. However, if the interactions of the present artificial intelligence are a base, then the likelihood of this reality is quite far away in the future.

Self-awareness and Other Personality in Westworld Robots

The level of self-awareness, personality traits seen in the show is just of the challenges being predicted to result in the development of these virtual assistants or programs. A platform that can think and make decisions in regards to different situations according to its own perceptions just like a human is a threat that artificial intelligence is posing. This is of course if it ever becomes a reality not just in a themed park or in a show. An example can be drawn from the robot interview scene where it claims to take care of its family just like a parent, father or husband would as its drive in the world. If it ever became a reality, how would we be able to limit their thinking capabilities such that adverse effects do not result from the artificially intelligent assistants? The fact is, with them drawing information from different sources as depicted in chatbots and others, the machines become smarter with each passing moment and the real issue is, they may become smarter than their human counterparts. It sounds dangerous but the reality depicts is that way.

The Westworld Society

The virtual reality capability depicted by the Westworld show, all that is left to our minds is the question; if this is Westworld, how about the rest of the fields? What kind of technologies are to be expected and what rate of advancement are they? A question best answered with the advancement seen in technology today from biotechnology, medical technology and other elements such as self-driven vehicles. Today, there are virtual platforms, robots that can perform simple tasks such as order a meal, perform manufacturing functions, banking activities etc. Based on this, in the coming future, further developments are to be expected and therefore, the Westworld may be a projection of this and a start for future generations.

Why So Many Visitors to the Park

People are looking for answers, experiences, and knowledge in regards to the latest and other expected inventions. A place where physical robots can interact with humans may be intimidating and that why many prefer a virtual reality platform. Security is also a huge issue and many of us do not trust robots to be assured of our safety while interacting with them on as personal basis. However, virtual reality can be addictive since the world out there is real and more tangible to a person. Furthermore, it is perfect and what we want in the real life. The implications of these advanced forms of technology and the risks involved are quite high.


Advancement in technology is a competition between the fittest and leveraging it to appease the human race is impossible at the moment. Technological firms have taken over this market and are competing in developing the best artificial intelligence machines. The extreme developments can, however, be seen in fiction movies and dismissing the reality of it or embracing it is a fact that still draws huge debates. These are particularly in relation to how the technology can be controlled and where it is likely to first emerge. The challenge at our disposal is quite huge and this scares many. However, let’s wait for the future and see what it brings.


Are we close to building it, the answer is maybe, building an intelligent machine or platform with human-like holistic personality and characteristics is quite a huge leap for any firm and the technological world as a whole. Some scientists estimate the period to be taken to build such a platform to be between 30 years to 50 years in the future. The challenge is being taken up and even scientists are becoming more and more capable of building human structures from their current researches being conducted.

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