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    12 Reasons Why Jordan And Layla From "All American" Are Meant To Be

    "He stayed."

    Jordan and Layla, or "Jordayla" if you are as much of a shipper as I am, brought back the thrilling feeling of the old classic slow burn. From friends to lovers, and almost 5 seasons later, these two proved once again, that the iconic Gillian Anderson quote, "the best relationships — the ones that last — are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship" remains true 'til this day.

    Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead

    12. Throughout the seasons, in every little scene they've share, their chemistry has been undeniable.

    11. They see strength in each other despite everyone else seeing them as fragile people.

    10. They bring the best out in each other, especially their funnier sides.

    9. It's been a long time since we had an epic, good-old slow burn romance on TV.

    8. Because actions speak louder than words.

    7. All the epic romantic tropes.

    6. They support each other to fight for their dreams.

    5. They don't lose themselves within the relationship.

    4. They are able to be honest and vulnerable around each other.

    3. He became her fort.

    2. Despite wanting to be with Layla, Jordan also understands and respects Layla's need to take things slow.

    1. He stayed.