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    15 Reasons Why Carla And Samuel From "Elite" Deserved To Be Endgame

    "Even if we can't be together, I will love you forever."

    Carla and Samuel, or "Carmuel" if you are as much of a shipper as I am, started their relationship as a game, but soon proved to the audience, and to each other that, what was once a game would quickly become Elite's best love story.

    Warning: Major Spoilers ahead!

    15. Carla and Samuel falling in love with each other was one of the biggest plot twists on Elite.

    14. They have off-the-charts sexual chemistry.

    13. They become better individual characters when they are together.

    12. Both Carla and Samuel got each other out of a dark, lonely path in Season 2.

    11. Even if their relationship started as a game, they never lied to each other. From the very first moment, Samuel told Carla that he wanted the truth about Marina's murder, and Carla told Samuel that she was involved in it somehow.

    10. Falling in love with each other made them forget the bad things happening in their lives and hope for a future together.

    samuel says "i thought that we could forget about all this shit and have a future." she says "in the future i see myself with you"

    9. They would do anything to protect one another.

    8. Samuel learned to see the world from Carla's eyes, and Carla learned to see the world from Samuel's heart.

    7. They have an emotional connection because they are more alike than what it may seem.

    6. The fact that Carla feels safer in Samuel's arms.

    5. Samuel pulled a rom-com move while running desperately in the middle of an airport to try to convince Carla to stay.

    4. Carla and Samuel living together and behaving like the most adorable domestic couple was one of the best moments on Elite.

    3. Carla said that Samuel was the best thing that ever happened to her.

    2. They both see the other as their one true love, and with the promise of forever.

    he says to someone, "she's the love of my life, i don't know when she'll be back." she says "but i will love you forever"

    1. Last but not least, they got their own spin-off dedicated to their love story. Not only was number 1 on Netflix when it was released, but also was at the top of Netflix's most-watched shows for days! The Season 1 underdogs of Elite became Elite's most powerful couple.

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