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The 9 Stages Of Going Back To School

Yup, it's that time of year again.

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1. Back-to-school commercials start airing in July.

2. You finally get to the store and all the school supplies are already gone.

3. Someone reminds you that you have summer reading to do.

But you end up putting it off until the night before school starts anyway.

4. You set your alarm for the first day of school and realize how early you have to get up.

5. So you try to go to sleep early, but you can't because it's before midnight.

6. But when you wake up on the first day of school...

7. And when you get home from school, you actually feel super motivated to do all your work.

Because this year will be better. You're older, and more mature.

8. By the time the second week hits, you're getting tired.

But you power through anyway.

Because you're going to be better this year.... right??

9. Wait, there are how many weeks left??

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