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The 10 Most Epic Sax Men Of Our Time

The saxophone is a difficult instrument to master but when used properly, it can become a weapon of mass seduction. Check out some of the most epic and unforgettable saxophonists of all time, presented by vitaminwater®.

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The Sexiest Sax Man- Sergio Flores

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There's no sax man sexier than the legendary Sergio. Imagine how awesome life would be if he was around to add a saxy soundtrack to your everyday routine?

The Curliest Sax Man- Kenny G

You can't talk about smooth Jazz without mentioning Kenny G. This long time legend is known for being the most commercially successful sax player of all time and, of course, his legendary curls.

Yardbird Sax Man- Charlie Parker

We wouldn't have "bebop" without this famous sax man. As one of the most important figures in jazz history, Charlie "Bird" Parker may be gone, but his music continues to live on.

Presidential Sax Man - Bill Clinton

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Who knew Bubba could bust out a killer tune? On the Arsenio Hall Show, Bill showed America that not only could he lead the country, but also knows how to kill it on the saxophone.

The Most Animated Sax Man- Bleeding Gums Murphy

Bleeding Gums Murphy taught Lisa Simpson that music is "a fire in your belly that comes out of your mouth." So what better way to honor this epic sax man than put him at the number 4 spot on our list.

A Very Muppet Sax Man- Zoot From Dr. Teeth And The Electric Mayhem

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Could there be a more famous muppet saxophonist? We think not. The simple fact that Zoot from Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem is a muppet makes him a legend in his own right.

The Most Epic Sax Man- Sergei Stepanov

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Now know as "Epic Sax Guy," Sergei Stepanov and his eccentric instrumental and dance skills became a world wide phenomenon after a performance at Eurovision 2010.