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Mustaches You May Not Know Have Bands

Behind many successful bands lies a great mustache. Check out some amazing staches with equally amazing tunes behind them, presented by vitaminwater®.

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Ryan Gosling's Mustache

Behind this sexy mustache lies a talented actor. And while you may know recognize it from films such as The Notebook and Lars And The Real Girl, it may surprise you that this stache also has a very talented band! Check out Dead Man's Bones "Pa Pa Power."

Dead Man's Bones- Pa Pa Power

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Spencer Krug's Mustache

While Krug's mustache often varies in size and shape, its lyrical power is always at the top of its game. With bands like Wolf Parade, Swan Lake and Frog Eyes, this is one mustache that never misses a note.

Wolf Parade- I'll Believe In Anything

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Taylor Rice's Mustache

Big and bushy, this stellar mustache has become one of the most famed in indie music today. With its very talented band, Local Natives, you can be sure to catch this stache on stage at some this summer's biggest festivals.

Local Natives- Who Knows Who Cares

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Brandon Flowers' Mustache

This stache just keeps getting bigger. After its breakout album "Hot Fuss," it hit the big time. Now, with over 6 million Facebook fans and a loyal fan base, there's no stopping this magnificant mustache.

The Killers- Human

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Gaspard Augé's Mustache

This is one mustache that will make you want to dance. This shaggy french stache is behind of one the most successful electronic artists to date. Check this stache out and you'll never stop moving.

Justice- Genesis

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Devendra's Mustache

While the hair around it may change, the stache always seems to remain relatively the same. As one of the pioneers of the New Weird America genre, this mustache is a visionary and a true talent.

Devendra Banhart - Rats

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Le Tigre- TKO

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Gogol Bordello- Start Wearing Purple

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Yoni Wolf's Mustache

This sophisticated stache leads the alternative hip hop and indie rock band known as Why? With its record label Anticon and multiple projects such a Clouddead, Reaching Quiet and Hymie's Basement, this mustache has got rhymes for miles.

Why? - Good Friday

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Bon Iver's Mustache

After recently winning a Grammy for best new artist, this mustache has been all over the place. From the covers of music magazines to lineup of Coachella, this is one mustache you'll be seeing a lot of in the future.

Bon Iver- Flume

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Inspired By: Sexy Sax Man

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