20 Things You Would Never Expect To See Ever

Now here are some things you don’t expect to see every day… or ever. But when you do, there’s nothing like sharing them with the world. Take a look at some rare wonders, presented by vitaminwater®.

1. A Group Of Surfing Dogs

2. Anderson Cooper Holding A 39 Pound Cat

3. A Horse Wearing Jeans

4. A Dress That Looks Like This

(Andreas Rentz) / Getty Images

5. A Pizza Hat

6. An Upside Down House

Dominic Ebenbichler / Reuters

7. Snooki Reading A Book

8. This Corgi Walking A Horse

9. A Meal Like This

10. A Cat With Wings

11. A Tiger Nursing Piglets

12. Snoop Dogg Cooking With Martha Stewart

13. Cheeseburger Crust Pizza

14. A Cat Cafe

15. Ke$ha Looking Normal

Chelsea Lauren / Getty Images

16. A Guy That Makes NBA Players Look Short

17. A Banana Wearing A Trucker Hat

18. A Cat With 26 Toes

19. Passive YouTube Comments

20. Gangster Babushkas

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