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11 Ways Our Mothers Helped Us Feel Beautiful

Spoiler alert: It comes from within. Get gorgeous from the inside out. Presented by Vitafusion gummy vitamins.

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1. Speak Up and Be Heard


My mom believes that the way you speak makes you strong and beautiful. She taught me to always speak from the front of my mouth, not the back of my throat, to not rush my words, and to enunciate as much as possible. When I follow her advice, the sound of my own voice can really boost my self-confidence.

—Victoria G.

2. There Is No Such Thing as a Fashion "Don't"


Growing up, I remember how my mom went to work (or anywhere) in really loose skirts and baggy pants, preserving a hippie-ish style after the '60s and before it was cool again. I always thought she looked beautiful. She really was a representation of feeling comfortable in your own skin and opting for a different look if you believe in it. Whenever I mixed pieces that didn't exactly "go together," she complimented me for being innovative and stylish. I can definitely say she inspired big part of my style and what I choose to wear today.

—Paula M.

3. Glamour and Grace Aren't Mutually Exclusive


When I was a teenager, my mom told me that outer beauty will only attract boring jerks if you aren't also a kind person with a real personality as well. I was always very into glamour and style since I was a kid, and she was very keen on making sure I didn't grow up to be superficial. She knew how to let me indulge in my love of pretty things while still making sure I never valued them more than I valued my character. I know for a fact that true beauty radiates from the inside out, and I learned that from my mom.

—Mandy C.

4. People Will Remember How You Treat Them, Not How You Look


My mom was beautiful because of how she affected people. People would light up and smile when they saw her, and, even when you weren't in the same room, you could hear her big laugh. Everyone spoke of how much they loved her, especially my friends. I never once thought that her beauty was something external and instead knew that it was something that glowed from inside. I now try to do the same. I smile and laugh and stay playful in order to stay beautiful, rather than putting on a mask.

—Bonnie L.

6. It's Never Too Late to Listen to Mom


My mom always said I needed to have more confidence when I was in high school. At the time, her words truly went in one ear and out the other. It wasn't until my adulthood when I finally "got" the notion of confidence and started to really feel good about my body and myself, just by being me and not apologizing for anything. Channeling my inner confidence now really does make me feel good, so even though I'm about a decade late in saying this: Thanks, Mom!

—Tara P.

7. Confidence Is Contagious


My whole life, my mother has always had a lot of wrinkles. She was 40 years old when she had me, so she's always been older than most of my friends' mothers — but that was never something that she seemed uncomfortable with or tried to hide. She's never worn makeup, and I never heard her talk negatively about her own image or appearance. We didn't talk about beauty much, but her actions taught me to feel beautiful in my own skin.

—Jana P.

8. Don't Compare Yourself to Other People (Seriously, Don't)


My mom always told me that there's no use or value in comparing yourself to other people. It's all subjective and everyone has insecurities, so don't let yours define you.

—Casey C.

9. Do You, Whatever That Means


My mom always told me to do things that will make me feel more comfortable and confident. For example, if you feel like putting on some eyeliner, that's your own choice. Do whatever makes YOU happy.

—Emily T.

10. Focus on the Fun


My mom isn't a terribly high-maintenance person but she does likes to play with her hair. She's cut and colored it in all sorts of ways, inspiring me to do the same. I have lots of memories of the two of us gossiping as we washed the color of the month out of each other's hair. Even when things went horribly wrong — which happened a lot — it was fun because we were doing it together.

—Kelley D.

11. A Positive Attitude Is Everything


My mom taught me that being beautiful goes hand in hand with sharing compassion and positivity with everyone around you! We were raised with a "you get back what you give" philosophy, and she led by example by being open and warm with everyone she met.

—Jamie F.

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