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11 Easy Lifestyle Swaps That Will Make Your Day A Little Bit Healthier

You don't need to overhaul your life to get healthy! Time to hit the reset button and achieve overall wellness from the inside out. Presented by Vitafusion gummy vitamins.

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1. Invite your friends to a fitness class instead of dinner.

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Sweating and socializing don't have to be mutually exclusive. If you're looking for something new and fun to do with your best friend, consider heading to the gym. You'll strengthen your friendship while you're strengthening your bodies. Win-win!

2. Feel like you're stuck in a rut? Take a different route to work.

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Routines are great. They can make life easier and help you stick to healthy lifestyle changes, but routines can also be, well routine. A simple way to add a little spontaneity to your life is to change up your route to work every day for a week. It'll give your brain a little challenge first thing in the morning, and you'll get to see new scenery.

3. Read a book instead of tons of articles online.

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Not all reading is created equal. The slow, focused way you read a book is different than the nonlinear reading you do online and has many more proven benefits. Want to stress less and concentrate more? Pick up a book.

4. Instead of letting your anxiety go unchecked, try some deep-breathing exercises.

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Want to disengage from stressful thoughts? Try focusing your attention on slow, deep breathing. Studies show that breathing deeply can slow the heartbeat, help lower or stabilize blood pressure, and promote relaxation.

5. Get ready at night instead of in the morning.

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Not a morning person? Try picking out your clothes, packing your lunch, and prepping your breakfast the night before! Reducing stress first thing in the morning can help improve your mood for the entire day. Do yourself a favor and put in a little work tonight.

6. Swap out flimsy flats for a pair of supportive sneakers.

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Heels aren't the only things hurting your feet! Ballet flats frequently lack the arch support your feet need to function properly and can cause pain. If you're going to be on your feet all day, opt for a pair of sneakers with arch support.

7. Take a break from social media and go on a little neighborhood adventure.

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Is watching your friends' seemingly awesome lives on social media making you feel bad about your own? Studies suggest you're not alone. Put an end to #FOMO and help yourself feel better by turning off your phone and taking a short walk where you try to discover a cool new restaurant or shop.

8. Swap stationary lunches for something a little bit more active.

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Make the most of your lunch break! Instead of eating at your desk while you surf the internet, use that time to go for a walk around the block. Or do some stretches. You don’t need to do an entire workout to reap the benefits. Just a little bit of activity in the middle of your day can be helpful.

9. Instead of dwelling on your insecurities, remind yourself of your accomplishments.

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Next time you feel unaccomplished or insecure, stop and take a moment to reframe your thinking. Try to remember the last time you received a compliment or felt really proud of your work.

10. Exercise while you binge-watch your favorite shows.

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You don't need to give up your favorite shows to get in shape. Make your TV time do double duty by exercising while you watch. There are plenty of living room–friendly workouts out there; you just need to find the one that's right for you!

11. Make one meal a day at home.

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Want to eat healthier? Prepare more meals at home! According to a 2014 study by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, people who cook their own foods eat healthier and consume fewer calories than those who don't.

Small steps can lead to big changes! Get started on your wellness journey by adding Vitafusion Multivitamin Gummies to your routine.