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    Socotra Island

    Guys, not to be talking ourselves up too much, but Socotra Island, just off Yemen's coast, is one of the most beautiful and untouched spots on Earth. It's worth knowing about.

    • Socotra is the most isolated non-volcanic landmass on Earth. That means that unlike Hawaii, whose islands were created by volcanos, Socotra used to be a part of the Arabian Peninsula, a long long time ago.

    • This isolation means the plant and animal life have had millions of years to evolve in their own unique ways. A third of the plant species here are found nowhere else on Earth. Among the most striking and usual plants found on the island is the dragon tree, a Dr. Seuss-like umbrella tree that bleeds red sap.

    • Socotra's a nice spot for ecotourism. UNESCO named it a World Heritage Site in 2008. It used to be you could only get to the island by boat, and service was once a week. But now there are daily flights from Sana'a on the mainland.

    • This is that Dr. Seuss tree we were talking about earlier.

    • More insane-looking trees.

    • One thing you won't see much of. Trust us, Yemen's not all Al-Qaeda and Kalashnikovs. Read more about us here on BuzzFeed, follow us on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook. Yemen: It's not what you think!