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10 Things The Founding Fathers Would Be Doing In Williamsburg, VA, Today

They're only human after all.

1. George Washington would be hitting up Busch Gardens and Yorktown Victory Center on his days off.

2. Ben Franklin would be indulging in classy tastings at Taste Studio.

3. John Hancock would be enjoying art in the city's galleries and studios.

4. James Monroe would sightsee on two wheels.

5. John Adams would also sightsee on two wheels.

6. Samuel Adams would be sampling new microbrews at Alewerks Brewing Company.

7. John Jay would be shopping for gifts and souvenirs.

8. James Madison would eat his way through Williamsburg.

9. Thomas Jefferson would be visiting his alma mater, William & Mary.

10. And Alexander Hamilton would steam his troubles away at the Spa of Colonial Williamsburg.

Illustrations by Dan Blaushild for BuzzFeed

Williamsburg, VA, has so much excitement to offer, even today. Make like the founding fathers and Visit Williamsburg.

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