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11 Things In DC That They Wouldn't Let You Do On Your Class Field Trip

You might be too old for school, but DC field trips are a lot better as an adult.

1. What are the chances the chaperone on your field trip would let you chill at Whiskey Charlie, the hip hotel rooftop at the Canopy by Hilton Washington DC at the Wharf?

2. Surely, your eighth-grade art teacher would never get the OK to take your class to No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man at the Renwick Gallery.

3. Or skip the museum altogether and check out DC's colorful street murals.

4. School breakfast has nothing on the Southern-inspired brunch at Dolcezza The Wharf.

5. And your packed lunch pales in comparison to the fresh food from the vendors at Union Market.

6. You might have stopped at a mall food court during your last field trip, but don’t you wish your eighth-grade history teacher had booked you a table at a Michelin-starred restaurant like Masseria or Kinship?

7. A ride on the school bus isn't nearly as thrilling as having the wind in your hair as you ride a water taxi from The Wharf to Georgetown.

8. Sure, your school might have visited the house that the First Family lives in, but as an adult, you can visit District Winery and enjoy a glass of the first-ever DC-made rosé.

9. Remember when they took you to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing to show you how money is made? Well, as an adult, they'll show you how the beer is made when you take a tour at Right Proper.

10. While your music teacher would probably want you to go see the student band in the gym, you can get your music fix at legendary venues like 9:30 Club and The Black Cat.

11. A visit to the gift shop was always the best part of the field trip, but it wasn't ever quite like the souvenirs on display at Shop Made in DC (or really any of our amazing local vendors).

All the stuff you loved from your eighth-grade field trip is there, of course, but you might want to take advantage of being able to roam the city without a chaperone. Spend your summer break on your own DC field trip by finding cool things to do on!