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9 Reasons You’ll Relish A Trip To The Reno Tahoe Area

With water this blue, trees this green, and art this good, you might want to stay all spring, tbh.

1. Because you can walk on water in scenery like this.

A woman and her dog paddleboarding on Lake Tahoe

2. The Truckee River Whitewater Park is a dream for kayakers.

A man kayaking through downtown Reno

3. If you've never gone surfing in a river before, now's your chance.

A woman surfing in the Truckee River

4. If you like getting your thrills on two wheels, Reno Tahoe has lots of options for you.

A man mountain biking in Reno

5. The hiking trails are simply beautiful.

6. You can feast your eyes on a ton of great public art.

A woman with a drink stands in front of a brightly colored mural of another woman

7. Works of art from Burning Man can be found here.

A woman looks at a large installation art piece

8. After you've worked up an appetite, Reno Tahoe has restaurants that will hit the spot.

A couple enjoys wine at a restaurant on the Truckee River

9. The city is just plain pretty when it's all lit up at night.

Two women under the iconic Reno arch at night

All images courtesy of Visit Reno Tahoe

Get your nature fix, art fix, and culinary fix all in one place. Visit Reno Tahoe this spring.

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