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7 Outdoor Adventures For Beach Lovers In Panama City Beach

Looking for outdoor fun? Find it at Panama City Beach!

1. Make a big splash in the water

A couple driving a jet ski through a wave

2. Get wild with the wildlife

A family overlooking a marshy lake

3. Take a thrill pill

A mother and son driving a go-kart at an amusement park

4. Eat with sand still on your feet

People on the beach with a restaurant right on the sand

5. Head down to the beach (duh)

A young boy and girl splashing in the water at the beach

6. Bust out the "Gone Fishing" sign

Men on a fishing boat with sharks beneath the water

7. Dock yourself at Pier Park for shopping and fun

An aerial view of an amusement park at sunset featuring a ferris wheel

All images courtesy of Visit Panama City Beach

So if you're considering where to go for your next vacation, chase the sun to Panama City Beach for the vacation you've been dreaming of!