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Paid PostPosted on May 1, 2017

13 Fascinating Things You Can Only Do In Pennsylvania

Fun, fascinating, and unforgettable! Check out and start planning a trip to Pennsylvania today.

1. See the stars at Cherry Springs State Park.


Nearly as remote and wild today as it was two centuries ago, Cherry Springs State Park is one of the country's best places to watch the night sky. Limited light pollution allows stargazers to catch a glimpse of the Milky Way, planets, and other astronomical phenomena.

2. Take in the wild and whimsical mosaics at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens.

Courtesy of Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens
Courtesy of Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

Created by mosaic artist Isaiah Zagar, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is unlike anything else the city has to offer. The folk-art installation spans nearly half a block on Philadelphia's famous South Street and transforms indoor and outdoor spaces with glass, tiles, and found objects.

3. Defy the laws of physics at Gravity Hill.

Courtesy of the Bedford County Visitors Bureau

Gravity Hill is a delightfully weird traffic stop where cars roll uphill and water flows the wrong way — yes, really! While scientists say Gravity Hill is a large-scale optical illusion, visitors to this Bedford County hot spot know that seeing is believing.

4. Enjoy the sensation of sand between your toes at Presque Isle State Park.


Presque Isle State Park is home to one of Pennsylvania's best-kept secrets: sandy surf beaches. Located on a 3,200-acre peninsula that arches into Lake Erie, Presque Isle State Park is a unique getaway where visitors can swim, hike, and fish!

5. Get a glimpse of art you literally can't see anywhere else at The Mattress Factory.

Courtesy of The Mattress Factory
Courtesy of The Mattress Factory

The Mattress Factory is an unusual art museum. Located in Pittsburgh, all of the artwork in the museum is site-specific, which means the artists create it specifically for the space it’s displayed in.

6. Discover proof that excellent art collections can be found outside of big cities at the Palmer Museum Of Art.

Courtesy of Jennifer Feehan
Courtesy of Jennifer Feehan

Located in the heart of central Pennsylvania, the Palmer Museum of Art consists of 11 galleries, a print study room, 150-seat auditorium, and a garden for large-scale contemporary sculpture.

7. Have an outdoor adventure or two at Ohiopyle State Park.


There's something for everyone at Ohiopyle State Park. The enormous 20,500-acre park is home some of the best whitewater boating in the eastern United States, as well as excellent fishing, more than 20 hiking trails, and spectacular scenery!

8. Spend an afternoon at whimsical folk-art landmark Randyland.

Courtesy of Foo Conner | Jekko / Via

Located in Pittsburgh's Northside, Randyland is the colorful, playfully painted home of artist Randy Gilson. Since purchasing the building in 1995, Gilson has turned house into a neon-hued love letter to his adopted neighborhood.

9. Explore the history of religious art at the beautiful, castle-like Glencairn Museum.

Courtesy of the Glencairn Museum
Courtesy of the Glencairn Museum

Originally built as a private home, Glencairn is now a museum of religious art and history. It houses a large collection of art and artifacts from a wide-range of culture, making it a must-see for people of all faiths.

10. Go bird-watching at the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary.

Courtesy of Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

Since 1934, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary has been a refuge for wild birds and the people who love them. The 2,600-acre sanctuary is the oldest and largest, member-supported raptor conservation organization in the world — and the perfect place to observe birds of prey in their natural habitat.

11. Trek the scenic, award-winning Redbank Valley Trail.

Courtesy of the Redbank Valley Trail Association

Maintained primarily by a hardworking team of volunteers, Redbank Valley Trail is a local treasure in the truest sense. But you don't need to be from the area to appreciate this stunning 51-mile, non-motorized trail.

12. Expand your palate and your mind at Conflict Kitchen.

Courtesy of Conflict Kitchen
Courtesy of Conflict Kitchen

A takeout restaurant with a twist, Conflict Kitchen only serves regional cuisine from countries with which the United States is in conflict. Located in Pittsburgh, the restaurant rotates countries in response to geopolitical events and augments its menu with events, performances, publications, and discussions that "seek to expand the engagement the public has with the culture, politics, and issues at stake within the focus region."

13. Hammer away at some bell-like rocks at Ringing Rocks County Park.


Inside Ringing Rocks County Park is an enormous boulder field that homes the unusually musical rocks that give the park its name. The so-called "Ringing Rocks" are normal-looking rocks that make a metallic, "ringing" sound when struck with a hammer.

Find your happiness in Pennsylvania! Check out and start planning your next getaway today.