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The 11 Most Romantic Things To Do In Orlando

Sometimes you just wanna avoid the crowds and hang out with your favourite human. There are loads of romantic things to do in Orlando, and Visit Orlando will help you find them.

1. Re-enact that scene from that movie in a date night ceramics class.

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The Crealdé School of Art runs special date night classes for you and your beloved. Get messy, drink wine, eat snacks. Perfect.

2. Learn to paint while drinking cocktails.

Colors & Bottles run regular three-hour painting classes in which you get to paint and drink cocktails at the same time. They bring the art supplies, the bar brings the drinks, and you bring as much talent as you can muster. At the end of the class you'll have a painting each to hang on your wall/squeeze into your luggage.

3. Go for walk in Leu Gardens.

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Leu Gardens is a 50-acre botanical oasis just a few minutes from Downtown Orlando – perfect for lazy walk in the sun.

4. Take a couples cooking class at the East End Market.

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Whether you want to learn how to make preserves or cook a turkey, the East End Market will teach you how to do it with local Orlando produce.

5. Take a stroll through the Sunday farmers' market.

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Every Sunday from 9am to 2pm you'll find the Lake Lily Farmers' Market for oils, soaps, coffee, artisan bread, gourmet jerky, and more.

6. Spend a lazy Saturday morning in Winter Garden.

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This historic area of Orlando has restaurants, shops, and cafés, plus a couple of museums to wander lazily through between coffees.

7. Ride a swan-shaped paddle boat on a lake.

8. Sip wine and listen to live jazz at the Bösendorfer Lounge.

Image courtesy of Bösendorfer Lounge

With low lights and a shiny black wraparound bar, you'll feel sophisticated even if you spent your day inside a giant swan.

9. Watch fireworks from your own private airplane with Mauiva Air Tours.

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Got some holiday money to burn? Splash out on this a private plane trip, and watch Disney's fireworks from 1,100 feet high in the sky. And when you come back down to earth, you have cheese and wine waiting for you at your table for two on the tarmac. Plus a single rose, obviously.

10. Visit the Orlando Museum of Art.

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OMA is the leading cultural institution in the region, and it's got all sorts of stuff of both local and international significance. You can learn a lot about a place through its museums, and it's the best place to go on a rare rainy day.

11. Head to the beach to watch the astronauts.

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So here's the thing about Orlando that you probably don't realise: it's not that far from Cape Caneveral. Alan Shepard Beach Park at Cocoa Beach was named after the first American in space, and if you're there on the right day, you can see the rockets launch while standing with your feet in the sand.

There's more to Orlando than you think. Just ask Visit Orlando.